Clifford the Bog Red Dog

Today was a great day!  I met lots of interesting people at the KLRU 50th birthday party in downtown Austin.  I spent most of my time watching kids make rainbow bracelets with the Master Gardeners in the Central Texas Gardener booth.

But the highlight of my day was getting to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog!  The lines were very long to meet all of the wonderful PBS characters, but my new friend Séamus got me backstage to meet the very best character of all, Clifford!

With Clifford the Big Red Dog at KLRU's 50th birthday bash

Clifford spends most of his time with Cleo, Norville and Emily Elizabeth having fun and helping others.  So Augie and I are very grateful that he took time from his busy schedule to visit Austin and celebrate our wonderful PBS station, KLRU.


About Daphne Richards

Horticulturist, gardener, Extension Agent.
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2 Responses to Clifford the Bog Red Dog

  1. Desert Dweller says:

    Glad you are getting on-board…finally! Can’t wait for more posts on your adventures with Augie in Austin and whereever his short stride takes you:-)

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